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Date On The Face Of The Day: Şerefiye Cistern

One of the historical cisterns in our city is the Şerefiye Cistern. The cistern, which was built for the purpose of storing water from the Bozdoğan Arch, was completed by order of the Byzantine Emperor 2. Theodosius.

The modern entrance of the cistern in the district of Fatih district was located on Piyer Loti Street, which was formerly used as the Eminönü Municipality. In 2010, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Eminonu's old town hall was demolished and a restoration work was started in the region, including the Şerefiye Cistern.

The last years of the cistern with a continuous restoration of visitors could not be accepted. These restoration works, which lasted for about 8 years, ended recently and the Şerefiye Cistern was recently reopened.

This cistern has an area size of approximately 45 m x 25 m.

This smaller building, which is smaller than the Basilica Cistern and the Binbirdirek Cistern, both as a column and an area, is approximately 1600 years old and older than these two famous cisterns. It was also known as Constantinus or Theodosius Cistern in the past, but since the 19th century it is generally called the Şerefiye Cistern.

The most striking feature is that this cistern, like the Basilica Cistern, is connected to the Binbirdirek Cistern. No detailed studies have been done on the subject, but more comprehensive studies will be done on this subject.

Those who wish to visit the Şerefiye Cistern may prefer any time period between 09.00 and 18.30 in the morning.

When you examine the structure, one of the first things that comes to your mind is how great a civilization lives in Istanbul.